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About us

What you need to know about us: We have love of the leisure industry, professional know-how in the production area and a sure instinct thanks to more than 20 years of activity in this field. These are the pillars that make us unique. Our work is never just a job but above all a passion. And that is why every product is also an affair of the heart for us.

fite and Christian

Service from A to Z

Did you know, for example, that you need a special filming license in Dubai, even if you are filming on private property, or that China has different drone laws from Thailand? Over the last 20 years, we have built up travel know-how that you can benefit from.

But also in terms of technology, there are always new requirements. The issue of 4K videos is becoming more and more important. And 360° videos have also become a major part of our work in recent years.

We also understand the problem of travel costs. That’s why we try to find additional customers for every production that takes place abroad, in order to keep travel costs as low as possible for everyone involved.

We have also recognized the increasingly important environmental issue of air travel and therefore offer our customers CO2 compensation together with our cooperation partner Atmosfair, with whom we have already been able to offset several thousand kilos of greenhouse gases.

Über uns
C.E.O. Christian
Business Development & Founder

Christian Ahuis

  • Born in 1977 – which is the best year in Christian’s and fite’s opinion
  • Until 1993 he was petrified of Looping Coasters, but then forced himself to ride one because fite and even his little sister rode one
  • Since then he loves rollercoasters of every size
  • Enjoys wearing a hat (to cover his bald head)
  • Installed in 1999 at Warner Bros. Movie World the first Online-Ticketing-System in an European amusement park
  • Thought about distributing Waterless Flush Toilets für amusement parks – but then focussed on producing videos
  • His first rollercoaster video production was in 2000 with Co-Founder Sascha Budde in the amusement park  Tripsdrill in Germany
  • Got to know Creative Director fite in 1989 in school
  • Had the privilege to shake hands with Marty Sklar at the opening of Disneyland Shanghai, who was the only person that attended all openings of Disney Parks around the world. Thereby he made it into an American newspaper with the quote „I am such a Disney Geek“
  • His motto is “Always hear both sides of the story”
C.D. fite
Creative Director

Matthias “fite” Arendsen Hein

  • Since 2005 he says, he is 28 years old
  • Has Dutch blood in his veins
  • In order to become a pastor, he studied 12 semesters Theology
  • His favorite way to get to the office is with a longboard
  • Only hair color he didn’t try so far: green
  • Was allowed to shoot with Bud Spencer in 2007
  • Runs together with Christian a country band, that lacks since years a bassist, a drummer and a female singer
  • Father of two girls, who are coaster enthusiasts as well
  • Always has his running wear with him and has circled several amusement parks
  • His favorite drink in clubs: Jägerbomb (Jägermeister with Red Bull)
  • Motto: “Who always does what he is already able to do, always remains what he already is”
fite & Christian